S I R I   B A D E N

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from one end to the other

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siri baden (*1999 in ratingen, germany) currently based in vienna, austria.

siri’s artistic practice is characterized by
an experimental, conceptual, and
performative way of working and often
uses the medium of the moving image,
although other media are by no means
siri baden’s works are inspired by
philosophical and social issues and
inlcude themes such as (gender)identity,
interpersonal relationships and being


Ein Raum, in einem Raum, in einem Raum (a room, in a room, in a room), 2021

How do I become invisible? How do my surroundings become invisible?
I’m spending some time alone in a room that is completely darkened,
filmed with a night vision camera.
What do I see? What do you see?
Am I in solitary confinement? I seem to be surveilled. But by whom?
Are you being surveilled, too? Or are you just the surveillant?
The outside a room, the inside a room, the body a room:

a  room
in       a
room in
a  room.

An attempt to make the inside of the head visible by making the outside
and inside invisible.
How is the content of the third room supposed to reach the inside and the outside,
while they are invisible?

What do I want to say? What are you saying?