S I R I   B A D E N

my latest work: 
from one end to the other

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siri baden (*1999 in ratingen, germany) currently based in vienna, austria.

siri’s artistic practice is characterized by
an experimental, conceptual, and
performative way of working and often
uses the medium of the moving image,
although other media are by no means
siri baden’s works are inspired by
philosophical and social issues and
inlcude themes such as (gender)identity,
interpersonal relationships and being


from one end to the other, 2023

(4-channel video installation, sound)

Antipodes are two points on the globe diametrically opposite of each other.
An antipode is also someone who represents an opposite point of view.

Siri Baden traveled to New Zealand with the goal of reaching the exact
antipode of the place they grew up in. In this context Siri Baden
questions the binary gender construct.

Who am I? Who do I want to be? Am I a man?
Am I a woman? Do I have to decide?